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You will get:

1) How to Convert Dynamic site to Static HTML (PDF) look inside
2) Necessary script which will rewrite links

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> Sample of the Guide
+ necessary script included



Easy to use and straightforward all-in-one solution which will guide you through the process of converting your dynamic web page into a static HTML site which will look exactly the same as the original. SEO links will work, and all links will be rewritten not to point at index.html. User experience will remain the same. You will save a lot of time with our guide and a custom made script.


Travel Parrot – this is one of my WordPress websites which was converted by Dynamic to Static Kit.


Script runs on Microsoft WindowsXP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

It’s Easy

Don’t worry. The Guide is straight forward. The whole process is super easy and it will take you just a few minutes. Then, your web pages will be finally static.

It’s Secure

You don’t need to be worried about running the script on your computer. The script is very easy and transparent and you can check the code by yourself.

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Old price:  $55