Convert WordPress into static HTML site

A few weeks back, I was facing a problem. I have many small WordPress sites which I don’t update and wanted to make them static HTML sites. None of the solutions I found online worked for me.

> Converting Dynamic site to Static HTML-Kit

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Reasons Why Make Your WordPress Site Static

Saving Server Resources
WordPress is not the lightest PHP & MySQL CMS system. Many people use WordPress for making simple websites and don’t publish there often. Making your WordPress site as a static HTML saves you a huge amount of server memory because no PHP and database are needed. Exporting WordPress site to HTML will take 10x less server memory.

Protection Against Hacking
WordPress was always a target of various malicious attacks from hackers and malware bots / viruses. By making the site static and turning off the PHP you will almost null these risks.

Making Site Load Faster
Converting WordPress to HTML will make your site load much faster.

There could be other reasons why downgrade your WordPress to static HTML. F.e. you need to archive or clone your WordPress web site to other domain or your computer.

How to Migrate WordPress Site to HTML

Converting WordPress or any dynamic site into HTML isn’t easy. You need some technical knowledge.

1) Wget – uses a command line
2) HTTrack – easy to use Windows application

After you are done with downloading your whole website you will encounter an issue with links. All the links inside HTML files are pointing at /../index.html. SEO friendly links are not working!

Fortunately, there is a solution in form of a Bash script which I am offering in my Dynamic to Static Kit. You will also get a complete guide with instructions on how to set up and run HTTrack. With my guide and script, you save yourself a time and hustle.