Convert PHP Site into Static HTML

If you have a PHP website which you don’t update anymore you could be interested in making it static HTML. There are two ways how to do it.

I. Wget

Get Wget or, maybe, it is already on your computer and run this in terminal or prompt:

wget --mirror --convert-links --adjust-extension --page-requisites --no-parent

II. Httrack

Httrack is a Windows program for downloading websites on your local computer with a graphic user interface. It’s easy to use and configure.

Before you upload your static version

Wget nor Httrack isn’t perfect for converting your webpage to static HTML to be used online. Before you upload your static version back to the server you need to convert links so they don’t point at /index.html. Mainly, because of the SEO and user experience. I’ve solved this issue with this kit.

Reasons Why to Make PHP Site Static:

1) Be safe from hackers
2) Be sure your site is not sending spam e-mails
3) Don’t get spammed through comments
4) Make sites load faster
5) Safe up to 95% of server resources