Convert dynamic site into static HTML with URL Structure

Sometimes, you need to downgrade your dynamic site (WordPress, PHP, Ruby, …) into static HTML. For this purpose, I made the kit which will lead you through the process of using HTTrack and will provide you a script for maintaining SEO URL structure.

1) Download HTTrack
2) Using Httrack, mirror the whole domain excluding third party scripts (Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Facebook etc.)
3) Use custom script from our kit – Converting Dynamic Site to Static HTML for maintaining the same URL structure

Reasons for Scraping and Converting Website into HTML:

1) Shorter website loading times – HTML site loads faster
2) Saving server resources (memory) – HTML mirror takes fraction of RAM
3) Protection against malicious attacks – disabling PHP or other scripting language closes door for hackers and spam bots

> Converting Dynamic site to Static HTML-Kit

more info

If you want to migrate your dynamic website into static HTML with working links we are offering you this short easy to use guide which will take you through the process of downloading of the whole domain, making a working copy and rewriting links so they point to directories instead of /index.html files.